FRR Books Podcast: The Stirner Series Ep. 10, the Finale part 1!

I decided I was a fucking anarchist after reading the Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guinn when I was in my early twenties living in Hawaii.  I had no idea what an anarchist actually was, what an anarchist scene was..fuck I didn’t really know anything other than that I liked to surf and that I didn’t like the world that I lived in. Anarchy represented the most radical difference to that…this made it incredibly attractive to me.  It stayed incredibly attractive because I kept living in Hawaii, not knowing or meeting anarchists. I read, a lot. I’ve read a lot since I was a little kid. I didn’t make friends during childhood because I was too intense, too black and white morally and took the world way too seriously. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t cured myself of these childhood/childish ways.  I thought at a young age that there was a moral obligation to watch the news, pay attention, know everything, and that somehow this would be helpful in fixing things. All I can do now is laugh at myself, which might seem like a refrain for my life at this point. read more

On Desire and Consciousness: FRR Books Podcast the Stirner Series Episode IX

Here we are again, back on the boat discussing Stirner’s ideas. On my best days I view this project as an attempt to break from the ideological & eschatological thinking that hangs like a pall over anarchists and humans alike. It is difficult to discuss Stirner because most people haven’t read him and also because many believe that they know what is contained in this book from whatever they have read or heard other people say. We are not attempting to do the work for you, but rather to provide a companion with which to interact while reading Wolfi’s rewriting of Stirner’s book. As someone who reads all the time, it is frustrating to have few people to discuss the books with. It is frustrating because I believe reading to both an anti-social(while doing it) and social(it changes me and then I interact differently when socializing) activity. When I read a book that makes me question myself, my idea, my ideals, and what I hold closest, I am compelled to share this new version of my self with friends, fuck it, with strangers too. So here sits our version of sharing, our hope that in talking with each other we can better understand ours elves and how to relate to each other and further complicate our selves and relations to revel in pretending we can see and understand the chaos for just a little bit. read more

FRR Books Podcast. Stirner Series Ep. 8: What’s Love got to do with it?! <3

In episode VII we discuss the second half of the chapter My Intercourse in the Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner, translated by Wolfi Lanstreicher.

What happens when six friends(aided by adult beverages and friendly plants) get together on a sailboat(well a parked sailboat) in the Pacific Ocean to discuss Stirner’s seminal piece of writing. Did the world change? Did we change? Did we discuss whether or not this was even possible? I’m not so sure. What I do know is that there are few things I love more than reading a book and shooting the shit with a few friends who also enjoy battling over ideas and seeing if it possible to take them out of the realm of the platonic and into the realm of our lives. To listen to us is to listen on a conversation shared between friends that we do for our selves but also that we love to share. Here are some things we hit on: read more

FRR Books Podcast Episode 6: The Unique and Its Property, A Close Reading

In episode 6 rydra, big cat, Kahar, and Chuck discuss many things!

  • What is the difference between a criminal and an illegalist
  • Liberals want us to assert our weakness!
  • Might vs Right! Earned vs Taken rights! Rights?!
  • Can egoism be appropriated by leftism!?
  • Rydra says we cannot have a creative nothing because we cannot free ourselves from other’s perceptions of us! He shockingly uses Kundera to back up this point in a discussion of imagologues.
  • What is spookier, society or other people?
  • Big Cat brings in Daredevil references using Fisk to back her up to discuss love as the ultimate prison, “everywhere you go, you take it with you.” Aw, Fisk!
  • We discuss Steve Prefontaine and the perfect speech for an egoist to give leading up to a first kiss! We miss you Steve!
  • Big Cat explains Crab in A Bucket Theory
  • read more

    The Anarchist Banker – Fernando Pessoa

    Tonight we bring you a recorded version of The Anarchist Banker by Fernando Pessoa. Recently this was published as a zine on underHILL Distro, so we asked underHILL to write us an intro:

    “Come off it, that’s ridiculous. How do you reconcile your life, […] with anarchist theory?”

    In 1922, the question resounded as forcefully off the tiled walls of the café where the two bankers sat for lunch as it does today, thrown across living room tables in our collective apartments. How many hours spent playing that old game, debating the contours of the places our jobs and ideas have taken us and whether or not we’ve strayed across those lines, “are you, are they, really an anarchist?”—the question met each time with such a practiced response, “Well, let me tell you how I came to hold this position my friend, you see…” Accumulated credentials and experiences spill out, ready to be notarized, filed, judged. Our anarchist credit scores. Do they drop every time we check them?

    Fernando Pessoa, wrote from behind many faces, his heteronyms piling on top of each other, and spilling into each others lives. We’ve had little time for biography, but from his text it’s clear he was familiar with the all-too-unchanging social dynamics of our milieu 😉

    The text caricaturizes the developmental path of one anarchist as they move from a red workerism through individualist iconoclasm. From affinity groups to “…the commercial and banking phase of my anarchism”. Hopefully you will find it as entertaining as we do.

    The Anarchist Banker, was it not enough to send it shuffling through the hands of so many friends, acquaintances, and strangers? We can’t say why it was recorded. But it was always meant as a gift.


    This was recorded by Cornelius as the banker, Dirtroll as the friend’s voice, and Kehaar as the friend’s thoughts. Sound edited by Linn O’Mable.

    The Collected Writings of Renzo Novatore: Part 3


    We must kill the christian philosophy in the most radical sense of the
    word. How much mostly goes sneaking inside the democratic civilization
    (this most cynically ferocious form of christian depravity) and it goes
    more towards the categorical negation of human Individuality.
    “Democracy! By now we have comprised it that it means all that says
    Oscar Wilde Democracy is the people who govern the people with blows of
    the club for love of the people”.
    Against all that is sounded the hour of insurgence and not with only
    some unpleasant and repugnant theoretic bleat of the lambs…Much more is wanted in this bloody twilight of a civilization that has had its time! read more

    We Are Back!

    After a year of hiatus, Free Radical Radio is returning in a new iteration.  We are a group of anarchists, nihilists, label-haters, readers, but above all we find joy and passion in the sharing and discussion of ideas.  We intend to use this project as an outlet to share audio recordings we have created that challenged us, interested us, or made us laugh so hard that we cried.  There is possibility that podcasts will happen again, but only if we are inspired and driven by our own desires to make them happen.

    In the past we have produced recordings of fiction authors ranging from Sam Delany to Octavia Butler, and anarchist and nihilists ranging from Kaneko Fumiko to Bruno Filipi.  One of our main goals is to make the shit we love more easily accessed in hopes that if we ever talk to you in person we can passionately discuss some of these ideas.  Some of the texts we record are readily available, but do not exist in audio form.  Some of these texts are rare and hard to find books, that we have secured with our greedy little hands because we believe they deserve a larger audience.

    We invite you to listen, discuss, and critique anything we offer up here.  We also invite you to email us or submit recordings or ideas of your own and if we find them interesting we will be happy to host them, and perhaps we will even desire to help with sound production and editing.

    So with that, we are back!