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Bellamy interviews Lawrence Jarach, an editor of AJODA: Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, and author of such essays as “Leftism 101,” “Why I Am Not an Anti-Primitivist,” and “Essentialism and the Problem of Identity Politics.”  Bellamy and Lawrence discuss the rhetoric of civil disobedience in regard to the recent Ferguson protests, anarchists representation in the media and the value or lack thereof, big tent anarchism and the idea that everyone is an anarchist, the distinction between anarchy and anarchism, humanism as a relic, and more.

AJODA:  Anarchy:  A Journal of Desire Armed

Some of Lawrence’s writing

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  1. I listened to the interview with Jarach and highlights what it is wrong anarchism:

    Lawrence spends so much time critiquing, discussing, reading and participating in the anarchist scene he has little time to understand real life social processes. Case in point, was his ultra-weak attempts at criticizing mainstream allopathic medicine. He obviously has no little time to assimilate non-anarchist critiques that expose how ineffective it is. But since I don’t consider myself an anarchist and don’t consume anarchist scenster politics, zines, or much material, I do have the time to assimilate critiques of dominant institutions like modern medicine.

    The infamous meta-researcher John P. Ioannidis points out that in the hard sciences like physics 40-60% of hypotheses are proven correct but in medical research in general the rate is 90%, and it rises to 95+% in the mental health fields and psychology:

    If medical research was a respectable science, such a positive hypothesis rate would be impossible. Further, the reproducibility rate of medical research is even more abysmal.

    Dr. David Graham the Vioxx whistleblower points that the FDA looks at Pharmaceutical companies as their clients as they depend on them for funding. The whole structure of the FDA is geared to approving new drugs, drug safety only accounts for 5% of their resources. Further drug companies can conduct as many studies as they want and present only the most promising ones for FDA approval. And approval is based on efficacy not on all-cause mortality, meaning a drug can actually increase your chances of death, as long it has efficacy(does a drug work):

    In Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death, Dr. Michael Greger points out that most common causes of death in the USA according to the CDC can prevented or reversed with a vegan, whole foods, plant based diet, in other words most causes of illness are food-borne:

    I could go on but you get the point. Lawrence Jarach seemed pleased with an upcoming article dismantling identity politics in “Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed”. But what is the point? Anarchists make bombastic claims about how useful anarchism, but it mostly just wastes your time and ties up your headspace in intercine nonsense. Outside of the North American activist/anarchist milieus identity politics pretty much don’t exist. Most of the Jarach interview consisted of his critique of anarchy and anarchists, but if he didn’t consider himself anarchist, he could have spent that time instead criticizing and groping the 99.99% of the world that is non-anarchist.

    — Nicholas V.

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